Great customer service is now becoming a normal everyday occurrence. This expectation is being led by social media and online feedback services which soon identify and 'blow the whistle' on unreliability or sharp practices.

But in the field of decoration and small need build requirements, there is still a huge divide between what customers want and for the most part what is being delivered.

When questioned it is actually the obvious that people are concerned about, price, disruptiveness, quality and timeliness. This is the gap in the market, for a service that not only is clean, reliable, great value, but can be in and out in hours, rather than days. Welcome to the DecoRacers. The worlds consistently fastest decorating teams - all with set prices and guaranteed quality.

Imagine a formula one pit crew, and you get the idea, perfection, but with speed. By committing a larger - specialised team of experts, what once took weeks, can now be done in hours. "By the time you get back from having breakfast, going shopping and having the car cleaned, we could have been in and out, and you come back to a fresh room."

DecoRacers are not only bringing a new service to the market (and one that is constantly being needed) but totally a new business model to the way people think about how and why they use decorators.


No matter it's fast, it's precision quality and that comes with a Guarantee.

At DecoRacers we are so sure that we do the best job around that we don't take final payment until we are done and you're ready for the off. We think that our service is unbeatable in terms of speed and quality, and so do our many happy customers.

We offer free preparation inspection, fixed pricing and professional advice.

Contact us today to see how we can help you change your decor to something rather wonderful all in a day.